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BB Cream

It’s all about the BB cream, its a new craze and I love it. Promoting a more nude and natural look but still giving you the coverage you want and need. L’Oreal’s Nude magique BB Cream gives you 24 hour hydration, contains SPF and has smart pigment capsules that transforms into a lightweight foundation. If you don’t believe me then order a free sample online or go into a beauty store to test it yourself. It’s £9.99 in Boots, but you may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere. Give it a go, as L’Oreal say…Don’t Go Naked, Go Nude.

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Well girls, I am one to love my beauty and cosmetics products. There is definitely 1 man I am loyal to in my life and that, my fellow bloggers, is John Frieda. After a silly experience with some dodgy hair extensions he has brought my hair back to life! Starting from Volume to Liquid Shine then Brilliant Brunette and lastly my new purchase Full Repair. My hair has never felt so good, silky soft and falls just how I have always wanted to. Do any of you agree? Or are you loyal to something different? Let me know, I would love to hear! I hope you enjoy this new part of my blog, all you need to know about the very best and latest Beauty & Cosmetics. 

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